"MAX no SAX" is an instrumental program that demonstrates the highest world standards in "live" jazzy-lounge and house sound!

The combination of musical intelligence and virtuosity, beauty and refinement with the male and female band members!
This program has been popular since 2004 in the event market in Moscow, Russia, the UAE, Turkey and India! This because of the fact that Maxim Pustovit managed to find the right combination of style, skill and convenience for the client.

At a reasonable cost, the client uses the "MAX no SAX" program to fill in such parts of events like:

# Pre party (welcome)
# Opening act
# Show number (s)
# Dance set
# Atmospheric concert set
# Closing act
# Birthday cake takeout
# After party

# By inviting a singer, we turn into a compact and effective cover band!

Variations of musicians:

Femail Sax player + Trumpet/DJ + Femail Violin player

Sax player + Trumpet/DJ + Percussion player

Femail Sax player + Trumpet/DJ  or

Femail Violin player + Trumpet/DJ

Trumpet player/DJ (Solo)