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Maxim Pustovit - international trumpet soloist, DJ, producer and bandleader!


Revutsky Musical College / classical music (Chernihiv)
State University of Culture and Arts / jazz music (Moscow)


Maxims performances graced the ceremony of "Media Manager of Russia", "Russian Fashion Week", "Flavor of the Year" 
"Viva! Photo Awards", the party of the magazine "HELLO!" and many others.

Maxim Pustovit participated in the «Great Jazz» show on the one of the most famous Russia TV channels - Culture.
Maxim is the author of two albums that you can hear on jazz and club resources around the world!


Within 2 years Maxim Pustovit and his "MAX & SAX" was the main music partner ofthe festival "Night of Ad eaters" by Hennessy!

Accompanied by Maxims jazzy-house tracks Olympic Flame traveled to Sochi 150 cities of Russia!

During the last 15 years Maxim Pustovit was the main artist at the Moscow car presentations of  “Mercedes”, “BMW”, “Range Rover”, Honda,  Volkswagen,  Infinity,  Volvo,  Suzuki,  Jaguar,  VAG Power Group! 
Was the main artist at the "Mazda Cup" and participated in the presentation of a new helicopter "Robinson R66" in Russia.


Maxim Pustovit was the main musical partner of the tour “Be Marlboro” of the Philip Morris company!

Since 2004 Maxim Pustovit with different programs performs at the most prestigious clubs and concert venues of Moscow:
First, Leto/Zima project, Royal Bar, SoHo, Igor Butman Jazz Club,  BSA Luzhniki, Russia Hall, Barviha Concert Hall,  

Crocus City Hall and Red Square!

From the 2014 to 2017 Maxim Pustovit was a resident of the trendy "SoHo Country Club",
where he played with the best DJ's of Moscow!


In 2017, Maxim created a musical LED show where the synergy of musical and visual is realized.

Now, at the culmination of any of the proposed programs, as well as an independent performance, we can use costumes created in your own workshop using the same technology as the led costumes for U2, Rihanna and Muse shows!

In 2018, Maxim with the "MAX & SAX" program was the official partner of FIFA at the World Football Cup!

In 2021, Maxim took part in the Opening Act of the final match of the Club Beach Soccer World Cup!

Since 2022 Maxim Pustovit has been living in Germany, continuing perform around the world.

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